For Today’s Technologically-Challenged Woman – Telecom Technology 101

Okay, I give a respectful nod to any woman out there who would be offended by the title of this article and would consider the content as basic knowledge. But for some of us, yours truly included, becoming technologically savvy in today’s wired world has left me feeling a bit “tangled.” I know others out there feel the same way – you know who you are!Anyway, I was thinking about high speed internet service. My husband decided that for Christmas last year, he would get us out of the dark ages of dial-up and purchase high speed internet for the entire family. He did some checking on the technologies available, along with speeds and services included with each provider. And voila! All of a sudden I am wired for surf. I found out that we have DSL service, which is an acronym for digital subscriber lines. The internet connection is accomplished through existing phone technology and infrastructure of 2-wire copper landlines. It does not interfere with my analog phone service the way dial-up connection did, and it does not need to be dialed in to, because I found out I’m always connected.Then I hear all sorts of terminology besides DSL such as fiber-optic high speed internet, bandwidth technology, satellite internet, and I started doing a little bit of digging. I found out that some internet connections are accomplished through existing cable television lines. Data is exchanged on certain television channels designated for data exchange. High speed internet on existing cable lines makes a lot of sense as the infrastructure is already widely available. But then I found out about something called bandwidth. With cable internet, you actually share the bandwidth network with people in your neighborhood on a cable that is capable of a certain number of users and data exchange at once. In other words, bandwidth is the term that describes how many users can send and receive information at the same time. Because of shared bandwidth, internet speed can sometimes be compromised.What’s different about the new fiber-optic technology, though, is that the fiber-optic cable is laid all the way to your home. Speed and service are supposed to be superior with this new technology. In fact, even the entry level speed of fiber-optic based internet service is impressive.I also ran across high speed internet connection through satellite for folks who do not reside in an area where either DSL or cable is available. Satellite internet service offers similar speeds and capabilities that the other technologies do, but it tends to be more expensive and it requires that you sign a contract for a certain time frame.One way to save money is to purchase a bundled package where your internet service, telephone and television are all purchased by one provider and billed on one convenient bill.So there you have it – high speed internet at a glance. I think I’m going to tackle wireless internet vs. wired next. What do you think?

Computer Services Consulting – Technology Advice and Support a Growing Business Needs

Information technology has gone through quite an overhaul in the last twenty years. The new trends and consistent advancement have made it difficult for companies and dedicated IT employees to keep up. Researching better ways to utilize these new technologies is almost impossible when employees must focus on the day to day maintenance of internal systems. Hardware and software swiftly becomes outdated and knowing what to choose and utilize takes experience. Computer services consulting can help with these difficult decisions and issues allowing businesses and permanent IT staff to focus more on the daily operations and support of the systems they have in place.Businesses struggle with their technology decisions because they want to have a system that is not only easy to maintain but that will last. It is so easy to buy servers, applications, and hardware that are inadequate or obsolete. The result is wasted money and constant improvements. What most businesses want are system components and setups that are worth the money spent both in quality and performance. Hiring IT consultants makes this goal more reachable. Why you may ask? Computer consulting services have the staff and time to dedicate to the research and system design. They have knowledge in all types of setups and know the most worthwhile components for businesses.When your business is growing and there are so many different internal processes and functions to handle and improve, information technology can be a hassle. IT consultants take away the technology worries and allow you to focus on all the other priorities associated with growth. Because there are various pieces to business computer systems, it is important to know that consultants are often not versed in every aspect. You may have to choose more than one type of consultant to have the most efficient technology for your business. Be sure to research the services offered by a consultant and have a general idea of where you need help before choosing a company to handle this vital piece of your business.Computer services consulting can comprise of networking support, web site development and support, hardware and application support, security monitory, data access and integrity, and much more. In general, consultants use your specified business requirements to offer the most efficient and cost affective solutions to meet these needs. So to obtain the best advice, your company needs to be able to state what results you are looking for. Once they have implemented a selected solution, they can also provide support for that solution and continuously make improvements. They can make changes and improvements as your business grows and changes.Computer consulting starts with the problem and then comes up with the best solution. An effecting company can offer innovative and flexible solutions both during design and development that will allow for later integration. Their solution should make it easy to upgrade or add additional services at any time. Companies who specialize in consulting have experienced teams with a dependable background in the services they offer. When there is not enough manpower to reevaluate the current setup for growth or other reasons, consider consulting for reliable advice and options.